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FC Barcelona vs Villarreal Tickets (Women)
FC Barcelona vs Villarreal Tickets (Women)

FC Barcelona vs Villarreal Tickets (Women)

Sun, Mar 05, 2023 12:00
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The Package includes: 
-FC Barcelona vs Villarreal Tickets (Women)
-Tickets in pairs guaranteed
-3 FC Barcelona historical walking tours: You can do a walking tour through Las Ramblas, Les Corts and L'Eixample, visiting iconic points of FC Barcelona.

Aditional information:
-Location: Johan Cruyff Stadium (Barcelona)
-Date: March 5 at 12:00pm
-Delivery: e-tickets
-Historical Walking Tours: You will be provided with 3 links with which you can do a walking tour. You only need your mobile phone and headphones.

For more information contact us: sales@24x7tickets.com // (+34) 685 23 01 20

*Tickets Face Value:
Shortside Standard: 11€
Longside Standard: 13-18€
*Smartbooking & tickets in pairs: It is not possible to choose the seats but it is possible to choose the area of the stadium where your seats will be located. In any case, we guarantee you tickets together in pairs. Please note that according to FC Barcelona's official policy, tickets together in pairs can also include those that are diagonally, opposite each other and with a seat/passing area in between.